About US

Heritage Properties was founded in January 2015 by long time friends, and now business partners, Warren Popp and Tristan Walker.  Our main focus is on renovation and rehabilitation of distressed property in St. Louis City.  We strive to offer a one-stop experience for those interested in investing in real estate.  We accomplish this by acquiring properties for investors through our in-house brokerage, providing construction services through our general contracting arm, and managing rentals or reselling when a project is completed.

Tristan has been working with his family’s real estate business in St. Louis since childhood. He has helped his parents repair, renovate, and manage numerous properties in St. Louis. He has long been inspired by the unique and exquisite St. Louis City architecture. He currently lives in the Tower Grove East neighborhood.

Warren has also been exposed to property renovation for as long as he can remember. He recalls helping his dad, a contractor and home renovator, on many job sites. Warren’s work on his own Tower Grove South home led him to become increasingly interested in property renovations and restorations. Warren is also a licensed attorney in Missouri, and runs the brokerage, Heritage Properties Realty. 

Although Warren and Tristan partner on all aspects of the business, Tristan is more focused on project management and design, while Warren focuses more on the day to day business operations and running the brokerage. The most enjoyable part of running this business for Warren and Tristan is exploring the City, purchasing properties, and being a part of restoring properties and neighborhoods.