Heritage Properties offers reliable and affordable property management for property owners in St. Louis City. Our small size gives us the flexibility to structure our services to meet individual property owners' specific needs. 

Our management services include:

  • filling vacancies
  • collecting rent in a timely manner (including the timely assessment of appropriate late fees)
  • online payments for tenants
  • providing handyman services
  • responding to any and all general tenant concerns in a timely manner
  • locating reliable maintenance services (landscaping, snow removal, etc)
  • monthly financial statements 
  • online owner portals to stay up to date on the management of your property
  • optional management of larger repairs and/or renovations

Our rates are determined on a property by property basis, based on condition, location, and tenants. Rates generally average around 10%.

Our management services also includes consulting services. These services include regularly reviewing the market to ensure you are getting market rents, as well as advising on improvements and repairs to make properties more rentable/to increase rents. 

We are working to make St. Louis City a better place to live and work, and we recognize the value of well-managed and maintained properties. Please contact us to discuss how we can meet your needs.

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